Overview of the major manufacturers of high pressure washers.

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    How to choose a pressure washer?

    In the life of a business person play an important role devices and tools that help us to significantly save two very important things - time and effort. Along with kitchen appliances, cooking can reduce the period of a few times, and "smart" washing machines and dishwashers, which are almost without human intervention can lead our things in the proper form, occupy an important place and appliances for cleaning and tidying. And among them - pressure washers.

    Perhaps you've seen them in the car service, and already know that it is a miracle device can greatly facilitate the cleaning of the house, in the yard, in the office and at their summer cottage. And, of course, perfect wash your vehicle and helps you in taking care of the garage. Many believe that it is a novelty. In fact, pressure washers were born back in 1935 through the efforts of the German inventor Alfred Kärcher. However, very soon, his name has become synonymous. That's right - Karcher - began to call this device in many countries.

    And as the field of application of these devices is very wide, the demand for them remains high. If you decide to purchase a pressure washer, but are facing a dilemma - what kind, we will try to help you in this matter.


    What is a pressure washers? This, at first glance, the usual care devices. Their main difference is that the water is pumped under very high pressure, and thus it is able to remove even the inveterate grime. This washer has several modes of operation, allowing the pressure to change, and change the shape of the water jet. An important feature of high pressure washers - they are very compact dimensions. That allows, as mentioned above, use them not only at the professional level, but also in the domestic environment.

    Power pump.

    The main aspect that you should pay attention when choosing the device - a power pump. It is responsible for the power of water pressure during operation. Pump capacity determines the capabilities of the device and the device class. So, what is the high pressure washer is needed for you.

    Low cost model.

    If you want to buy a simple device, focus their attention on models with capacity of up to 1.5 kW. Performance in these small - 360 l / h. But if you choose a high pressure cleaner to care for small cars, or cleaning area or garage, it would be sufficient. You might be interested in the model Huter W105-GS, Bosch Aquatak 10 or, for example, Patriot GT 125.

    But it is important to know some disadvantages such washing. The main drawback - it can not be continuously used for a long time. Work life in these sinks is quite small, so you have to occasionally turn off the device to the engine to cool down. Water intake for a car wash can be taken only from the water, under pressure. If you want to use the water from the tank (such as a garage), the pressure drops immediately and the problem will be simply impossible.

    The middle class.

    If the previous version does not suit you - for example, in the same garage, as mentioned above, no running water - it is better to pay attention to the washing of the middle class. They have higher power - from 2 kW, the performance of about 500 l / h. Therefore, these sinks are already "know how" to suck water out of any capacity. These models include the Makita HW 132, Karcher K 5 Compact Car and Nilfisk-ALTO C 125.3-8. True, the pump performs two functions, which somewhat reduces the life of the device.

    Sinks premium.

    In that case, if you pick a high pressure cleaner for professional use, you should consider only the high-end model, capacity of more than 3 kW. Their performance - 600 l / h, and the outlet pressure is 160 bar.

    This is the multi-function devices that have included a variety of brushes, nozzles and hoses, angled nozzle, dirt blaster. With their help, you can not only get rid of the dirt, but also on the age-old paint and rust. These pressure washers can be used regularly without restrictions. In this price range a strong lead firms Karcher models and Portotecnica. They, of course, does not quite cheap, but without a doubt worth the money.

    All other characteristics of high pressure washers recommend inquire directly at point of purchase. An experienced specialist or consultant online will tell you what material the pump is made to determine whether the device hot water or is there a possibility of its heating. And also, for example, whether the model provided a convenient hose reel; and other nuances.

    But what model as a result you do not purchase, we want to draw your attention to an important detail - never use a pressure washer to wash people and animals. Given that the pressure is extremely strong, it can be extremely dangerous.

    By the way, many motorists prefer to care for his iron is another pressure washers. For example, Karcher HD 6/15 C or INTERTOOL DT-1504. The reason is simple - Automatic washing systems having rotating brushes tend to damage the paintwork. It can get abrasive particles found in dust and dirt. Whereas hand washing cleaning is carried out exclusively by a jet of water, and this problem does not exist - cleaning in this case more carefully and accurately.



    High Pressure Washer Champion HP8140A
    Champion HP8140A

    High Pressure Washer Makita HW120
    Makita HW120

    High pressure washer Interskol AM-130/1700
    Interskol AM-130/1700

    High pressure washer Huter W105-GS
    Huter W105-GS

    High Pressure Washer Stihl RE 462
    Stihl RE 462

    High Pressure Washer Karcher K 4.600
    Karcher K 4.600

    High Pressure Washer Bosch GHP 5-14
    Bosch GHP 5-14

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